Cov Life Kids

Covenant Life Kids is the ministry of CLC geared at equipping families for the process of making disciples within the home. While we recognize the biblical precedent of the home being the primary discipling unit, there is also a clear precedent concerning the active role of the church in raising up future generations of worshippers of Christ. It is the heart of our church and this ministry to wed the these 2 realities-faith and home-in a manner that brings about discernible differences in the lives of our families and children.

As God has seen fit to grow CLC in the past few years, we rejoice that this has included growth to our CLK ministry. With the addition of each family & child to this ministry, we continue to feel the privilege and responsibility that God is entrusting to us to share the hope of Christ with young hearts. We believe that we can, with integrity, make a commitment to love, serve, and invest into your child/children while they are in the care of Covenant Life Church.

With the ultimate aim of CLK being to join parents/guardians in leading their children towards Christ and helping them grow in their knowledge of and love for the gospel, we have implemented this structure to help us best accomplish this end. The CLK ministry is currently divided into seven classes: infants, toddlers, 2 year olds, 3 year olds, 4 year olds, 5 year olds and a 6-7’s year old transitional class. We also have Covenant Life Institute (CLI) classes for each of these age groups as well as a 9-12’s year old CLI class. With each advancement in class comes advancement in structure/content of the class-with the hope that as the oldest group advances from CLKids into the corporate gathering-they are as prepared as can be for the transition of worshipping God in the corporate service. We are currently teaching out of a book of the Bible that coincides with the book being preached on in service for our 6-7’s year old class, Desiring God’s curriculum A Sure Foundation for our 2-3 year old classes,¬†and the Gospel Project curriculum for our 4-5 year old classes.