Advent Series: The Light of Life

Darkness is real; it is pervasive. Since the dawn of humanity, when Adam’s sin thrust the universe into chaos and separated God’s most prized creation – mankind, the very creatures made in God’s own image – from God himself, we have walked in sin and shame, unable to bask in the glory of the light of God.

This season is a stark reminder of the reality of the world and its spiritual condition. Trees lose their leaves, flowers cease to bloom, and the grass fades in a picture of death. Light grows dim, warmth gives way to coldness, and the splendor of life surrenders to the gloom of gray skies. It’s an image of the condition all mankind faces without God.

Darkness. Cold. Lifelessness.

This is why the Advent season is given to us. At the bleakest point of the year, when light has faded most, we’re reminded that true Light has come. We’re given the opportunity to hope again in the coming of Jesus Christ, the promised one who broke into the darkness as the true Light of the world. This time is for us to remember and anticipate how Jesus has come as the hope for salvation for all who believe and trust in Him.

He is the Light that we all long for – the One that brings hope and restoration, that frees us from our sin, and restores our fellowship with God. He is the One we remember and anticipate this season! We invite you to join us for the next three Sundays – December 9, 16, and 23 – as we reflect on and consider the true Light of life.

Listen to the series here.