Am I Really a Christian?

Perhaps the most persistent weight that many Christians carry around as they come and go in life is doubt. How do we have confidence that our faith is genuine and our salvation secure? Our prayer is that this series will help us find unswerving hope in the truth of God’s word.

One author has observed, “nearly everyone hopes to end up in heaven one day. In fact, an overwhelming majority of Americans believe they’ll eventually reside there. Yet the Bible claims that only a few will find the ‘road that leads to eternal life.’” This indicates that at best many are confused about their Christian faith and at worst, many people are self-deceived. Our prayer is that this series will provide the biblical rationale for clarity and assurance.

Everyone falls into one of four categories: 1-those that are lost and know they’re lost; 2-those that are lost but think they are saved; 3-those that are saved but think they are lost; and 4-those that are saved and know they are saved. Our prayer is that this series will help you assess where you stand and what that implies.

Thankfully the Bible brings a piercing clarity that can resolve the confusion and doubts many people painfully experience. We invite you to join us over the next 6 weeks as we turn to the word of God in response to the pressing question, “Am I Really a Christian?” It is in God’s word, and only here, where God will clearly show us what our hearts and lives indicate about our eternal destiny. If that isn’t in heaven with God, we will also see how the work of Jesus can bring salvation, hope, and peaceful assurance to every human heart.