CLC Parking Policy

Students of Plant High School (PHS) are invited to purchase a parking permit from Covenant Life Church (CLC) for the 2021-22 academic year. Students are required to complete the online information form prior to obtaining a permit. By submitting the online form and remitting payment to CLC, students agree to CLC’s parking policy as listed below. 

The CLC offices are open during regular business hours, 8:30-5:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, excluding days on which federal holidays are observed, or on days otherwise noted in the CLC Spotlight newsletter, which is available through our Facebook account (

Payments can be made to “Covenant Life Church” via cash or check. Please bring exact change if paying with cash. Please memo your check with the student’s name. Credit cards are not accepted.

Upon purchasing a parking permit from CLC, students agree to the following: 

  1. The CLC parking lot is available to PHS students during regular school hours (7:30-3:30 pm), Monday through Friday. Students participating in extra-curricular activities who purchase a parking permit may continue to park their vehicles on CLC lots during their after-school involvement. Students may not use CLC parking outside of regular school hours or activities. 
  2. CLC is not liable for any damage incurred to a student’s vehicle, property, or person while parking on, commuting to and from, or walking on, to, or from CLC lots.
  3. Students are to refrain from disorderly, unruly, or illegal conduct while on church property. These infractions include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. Playing loud music (music that can be heard outside the vehicle)
    2. Congregating in large groups before or after school
    3. Littering
    4. Fighting
    5. Destruction, defacement, or damage to church property or adjacent property
    6. Smoking
    7. The use of recreational drugs
    8. Any other activity deemed disorderly or unruly by the staff or elders of CLC
  4. Students may park on any of our three (3) lots.
    1. The paved main lot (do not park in front of the mailbox)
    2. The paved lot on the SW corner of Himes and Empedrado (twenty [20] vehicle load max)
    3. The grass lot on Empedrado
  5. Permit hangtags must be easily visible. Students must place them on the rear-view mirror.
  6. Students may not remain in their vehicles before, during, or after school hours without the express written consent of a CLC ministerial or pastoral staff member.
  7. Students may not enter the CLC playground area at any time.
  8. Students found to have weapons, fireworks, or other illicit materials on their person will be asked to leave the campus immediately. Parents and school officials will be notified on such occasions.
  9. CLC will notify students via email of any events or functions of the church or community that will require adjustments to our parking availability. Such events or functions include elections, conferences, funerals, large meetings, etc.
  10. Students are prohibited from engaging in any activity that defames or otherwise brings reproach upon CLC.
  11. Students violating this agreement will be subject to having their permit revoked at the discretion of the CLC staff. Students with revoked permits may reapply for a new permit at a rate of $350. Repeat violators will be ineligible for a third permit. They may also be subject to a trespass warning issued through the Tampa Police Department.