Feasting on the Word

Study God’s word with us!

A true mark of Christian discipleship is a love for the word of God. At Covenant Life Church, we desire to make disciples who glorify God by delighting in Him. We know that delighting in God means loving and obeying His word. Our Women’s Ministry supports this effort by giving women the opportunity to study God’s word, and so we invite you to take part in a five-lesson series called Feasting on the Word. 

The five guided video sessions are taught by one of our own members, Tonya Walker. In this series, she teaches you how to study God’s word by using simple tools and spiritual disciplines (meditation, corporate worship, prayer, Scripture memory, etc.). This invaluable series will give show you how to spend a lifetime delighting in God by enjoying and feasting on His word. 

You can view each of the videos by clicking on the links here or in the above menu. 

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5