Inclement Weather Update

After much discussion and prayerful consideration, the elders have decided to CANCEL this Sunday’s morning gathering. You are encouraged to spend that time together in family worship. Here is a suggested template to follow:
—Read Job 38 
—Talk about what this chapter teaches us about God
—Pray (praise God for His power & control over all things & asking God to protect & reveal Himself to those affected by the storm)
—Sing (Behold our God, All Creatures of our God and King)
—Pray (confession of sin—Psalm 51:1-6 & assurance of pardon—Psalm 103.8-12)
—Sing (Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery)
—Read Matthew 8.23-27
—ask 4 questions: what does this teach me about humanity, what does this teach me about Jesus, how should we respond in worship to Jesus, and how do I need the Holy Spirit to live this out?
—Sing (His Mercy is More) 

We will be following up in the aftermath of the storm to see what needs have arisen. If you get word that there is a need, please let an elder or Eric Most know. We will be in touch about possible service opportunities that are presented to us as result of the storm.