Obadiah Sermon Series

The following is an excerpt from the 9Marks article, “6 Reasons You Should Preach Through Obadiah” written by Clint Archer, pastor of Hillcrest Baptist Church in Durban, South Africa. 

Many Christians, even in Bible-saturated churches, may recognize the name of this book but would shuffle their feet if questioned about its theme, content, or application to the 21st Century. Obadiah is the spleen of the Old Testament; we know it’s there, but most of us are hazy about its role in the body.

And yet, anyone who knows about terrorism should know about Obadiah. As should anyone who feels frustrated that injustice sometimes goes unpunished. Obadiah teaches us about God’s long-term plan to bring closure to issues that military and judicial action struggles to accomplish. It’s a comforting book to read after hearing an unsettling news report of terrorism, racial injustice, genocide, or ethnic cleansing. Anytime the innocent are targeted en masse and we’re left waiting for justice to be done, the book of Obadiah reassures us that God never relegates unresolved injustices to a shelf of cold cases. He never forgets.