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The Psalms. Perhaps no other portion of Scripture has been read, repeated, chanted, sung, studied, wept over, expounded, loved, and praised by God’s people for thousands of years like the Psalms. Not only is it the largest book in the Bible, but it’s also the most quoted in the New Testament. The word literally means praises, and throughout history the Psalms have been used by the people of God as both a prayer book and a hymnal.

While many people have a general understanding of the Psalms, few have taken the time to mine out the deep riches that are found within each psalm. It is our hope that over the next several months we can understand more fully the God behind the Psalms as well as to come to know His Son whom the Psalms point us to. We pray that our understanding would then lead to a life of joyful abandon as we seek, by His grace, to “Kiss the Son” (Ps 2.12).

We invite you to join us as we embark on a journey through the Psalms. From joyful laughter to brokenhearted lament to awe-inspiring praise to heavy-hearted weeping, the Psalms give us a language for every season of the soul. No matter where you find yourself, the Psalms have meaningful application for you and will in many ways speak on your behalf. Yet greater still, the Psalms also serve as the voice of God addressing us. From the first word to the last, the overriding theme is that human happiness is found only in God. Join us as we seek to have our understanding of God informed and our affections for God elevated…this is the invitation that the Psalms extend to us.