The Story So Far

The story of Covenant Life Church is genuinely a story that says more about God than it does about anybody He has used along the way. In 2005, Justin Perry and Drew Tucker met through the small group ministry of North Wake Church in Wake Forest, NC. Both moved to the Wake Forest area to attend graduate school at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary hoping to be equipped to plant and pastor a local church. As their two families walked alongside one another in ministry in Wake Forest, Justin and Drew entered the pastoral internship and church planting residency programs under the leadership of the North Wake elders. Through the direction of the Spirit and the counsel of church leaders and friends, they decided to partner together in the pursuit of planting Covenant Life Church.

Why Tampa?

We asked God to give our hearts a desire for a city with the following characteristics:

Growing In Population

We moved to Tampa hoping that we would serve this city for the rest of our lives. With that in mind, it was our desire to start a church in Tampa – which was on the cusp of rapid population growth – understanding that this could be one of the country’s most influential cities 25 years from now.

Lacking an Urban Church Planting Movement

With little-to-no church planting work happening in urban Tampa, we saw an opportunity to, by God’s grace, be on the front end of a church planting movement in and around downtown Tampa – all for God’s glory.


Tampa is rich with diversity across all spectrums – ethnically, socio-economically, and generationally. It is our desire that Covenant Life would accurately reflect the diversity in our city. Tampa inhales the world and we believe has the potential to exhale the gospel.

Home To University Students

The university acts as a missionary sending agency for students with a love for the gospel and local church. We desire to disciple students and send them out on mission as they take jobs across our nation and world.

God’s Call to Go to Tampa

Not only does this profile capture our hearts’ desire, but it also characterizes Tampa! In God’s kindness, we are living in and ministering to a city that we love. In May of 2009, our families relocated from North Carolina to Tampa to plant Covenant Life Church (CLC). During the first few months, we began the lifelong process of getting to know the culture and people of our new city. God allowed us to meet a vast array of people – people who had prayed for years for a church like CLC; people who would prove to be persons of peace for us in the city; people who would hear the gospel for the first time, and everyone in between. It was evident that He was working here, and by God’s grace we were privileged to join Him in His mission in Tampa.

In September of 2009, we began worshiping together with other families as a core group on Sunday evenings. We started teaching through CLC’s mission statement and values, as well waking through the book of Ephesians. These gatherings were not a “public launch”; rather, they served as the venue whereby our core group was taught and united until we were ready for the next phase of seeing Jesus plant and build His church. During this time, we also began gathering weekly in small groups (then called “missional communities”) and sought to apply God’s word to our lives through study, accountability, and mission. Over the next few months, our core group of seven turned into a group of people who were outgrowing the living room in which we were meeting.

The FBC Culbreath Chapel and Gym Years

In March of 2010, God answered our prayers by providing a meeting space for CLC. The saints of First Baptist Church (FBC) Tampa agreed to give us access to the Culbreath Chapel, and on April 18, 2010 we covenanted together as a church with thirteen members. In our five years at FBC, the grace of God continued to be evident as Jesus continued to faithfully build His church through CLC. We also experienced growth in our understanding of and love for God and His word. The results of such growth helped create the culture of growing deeper in understanding God’s word and obedience to His mission.

Joining God’s Mission in the Palma Ceia Area

At the beginning of 2015, it was clear that we were outgrowing our space at FBC. Considering this, we began a six-month search for a new place to gather. After much prayer and searching, the Lord provided us with a wonderful relationship with the saints of Palma Ceia Baptist Church (PCBC), located in south Tampa. In June 2015, we began renting space from PCBC, and this strengthened CLC’s relationship with PCBC. On March 20, 2016, the saints of PCBC joined Covenant Life’s Sunday gathering for the first time. Through months of prayer and wonderful fellowship with the saints at PCBC, the two churches agreed to join into one unified local church under the name of Covenant Life Church. The Lord, through the faithfulness of PCBC and their leadership, provided CLC with both a larger family and permanent home. Throughout 2016, this process of integration proved to be one of the more prominent examples of God’s grace and kindness to both churches.

The First Plant

One of the values of CLC is to be a church that “displays God’s glory through church planting and church reformation.” Since our beginnings, a central purpose of ours has been to work toward this end, knowing that the gospel spreads when it is sent. That conviction led us to plant our first church in September of 2016, sending out twenty-three members. This new church, named “The Heights Church,” was sent into the Tampa Heights area of Tampa under the leadership of Drew Tucker, Brandon Whedbee, and Doug Hess. God continues to give us a passion for further church planting as we explore other regions, states, and countries in need of gospel-centered renewal.

A Permanent Home

Near the end of 2016, one last milestone was reached in the life of our fellowship. The final transferal of property from PCBC to CLC was complete on December 30, and a seminal moment was realized. God had brought together two unlikely fellowships into one glorious union, and we greatly rejoiced! The saints of CLC and PCBC covenanted together officially for the first time as Covenant Life Church on January 8, 2017.

Although brief, our story has been rich with God’s grace. We are confident that greater things are to come for Tampa, and are humbled that God would work through us in our city. We invite you to pray with and for us, and join us, as we join God on His mission to redeem a people through the gospel of His son, Jesus Christ.