Covenant Life Institute (CLI) is a time for participants to grow individually and with one another into sound biblical theologians and missionaries. CLI supplements the preached word and community group discussions by helping us grow in our understanding of God and the various doctrines surrounding Him. CLI is hosted on Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. during the semesters in which it is offered.

CLI returns on September 12 at 9:00 am with the following class options:

    • “Where the Bible Meets Culture”
      • Christians find themselves faced with a host of cultural issues confronting them. In order to honor God and love our neighbor, we need to know how the Bible speaks to these issues and the underlying cause of all human strife. Ultimately, we will see that the Bible is not silent. It provides us with all we need to honor God while loving our neighbor, even when the path forward is challenging. 
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    • “What Makes a Church?”
      • Jonathan Leeman wrote that the Christian life is a churched life. So, what exactly makes a church? In other words, what are the building blocks of the church? How does someone become recognized by the church as a Christian? How should the church think about administering the Lord’s Supper, and what happens when we take the Supper? How does Scripture instruct the church to address sin within its members? We’ll answer all these questions and more through this seminar. We hope you’ll join us!
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Both of these classes will feature quality curriculum and leaders devoted to seeing God’s people flourish. We’re excited for you to join us! If you have any questions, please contact our staff.

How People Change Lectures

We also invite you to view a previous online class we hosted in 2020 called “How People Change.” This class is an invaluable discipleship resource for those looking to mature in their faith while helping others along the same path.

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