Covenant Life Institute (CLI) is a time devoted each week for our church to grow individually and with one another into sound biblical theologians and missionaries. CLI supplements the preached word and community group discussions by helping us grow in our understanding of God and the various doctrines surrounding Him.

During several 12-week semesters throughout the year, we provide opportunities for all members and attendees to study in CLI with a variety of topics covered. In order to ensure each member has ample opportunity to study with others and serve in childcare for others to attend classes, we divide each semester into two sessions. Sessions 1 and 2 cover the same material.

1 John
A study of 1 John that will seek to answer the questions: How can we be sure of the truth about Jesus? How can we know that we are saved? How can we tell if others are from God, or not? 1 John will help us be confident in truth and rest upon it. This class is ideal for those of us who still wrestle with these important questions and help us live in a way that our joy may be made complete.

Know and Grow: Biblical Truths and How to Share Them
We will study great doctrinal truths about the Bible, Jesus, and the Resurrection, and then learn how to defend these truths. By the end of this class we hope to be able to communicate these truths to the lost while sharing the gospel. This class is for those who want to grow deeper in understanding Bible truth and also grow in communicating that truth to a lost world.

Spiritual Disciplines
This class will show from scripture what the disciplines are, why they are important, and show how they help us grow in godliness. We will have an opportunity to practice the disciplines and delight ourselves in God. If you want to grow deeper in your relationship with God and need practical help from the Bible in cultivating that relationship, this class is for you.

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