Covenant Life Institute (CLI) is a time for participants to grow individually and with one another into sound biblical theologians and missionaries. CLI supplements the preached word and community group discussions by helping us grow in our understanding of God and the various doctrines surrounding Him. CLI is hosted on Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. during the semesters in which it is offered.

During three 12-week semesters throughout the year, we provide opportunities for all members and attendees to study in CLI with a variety of topics covered. In order to ensure each member has ample opportunity to study with others and serve in childcare for others to attend classes, we divide each semester into two sessions. Sessions 1 and 2 cover the same material. CLI is currently on hiatus and will return in January 2020 with the following classes offered:

Systematic Theology I – An overview of the foundational disciplines and elements in theological study, this class will introduce you to the study of God at the systematic level. Through the examination and analysis of key scriptural passages, participants will be exposed to doctrines such as the doctrine of God’s knowability, the doctrine of revelation, God’s attributes, the doctrine of the Trinity, soteriology, ecclesiology, anthropology, and more. 

2 Timothy – In this class, 2 Timothy will be studied and applied in-depth. Participants will gain a functioning knowledge of the book and its specific context, main themes, gospel focus, and key applications. Having taken the class, participants will be well-equipped to lead friends, family members, and others through a study of the book.

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