Refining Marriage Small Groups

Marriage is a covenant that thrives on the grace of Jesus, forgiveness, and sanctification. Recognizing the importance of nurturing our marriages as a church, we are excited to introduce Refining Marriage, a unique discipleship opportunity designed to strengthen marriages through the transformative power of God’s grace. Drawing insights from Brad and Marilyn Rhoads’ impactful book, “The Grace Marriage,” this ministry opportunity promises to grow our marriage relationships and develop new friendships that rejuvenate our community with deeper connections for mutual edification.

What is “Refining Marriage?”

Refining Marriage is structured into five enriching sessions, beginning with a kickoff on Saturday, August 24th, from 9-11 am in the East Hall. Subsequent sessions will be held monthly in the welcoming environment of host homes, replacing the usual Community Group meetings for those weeks. This household setting, consisting of 4-5 married couples per group, facilitates meaningful discussions and personal growth. Additionally, each couple will have the opportunity for one-on-one meetings with the leading couple, allowing for deeper, individualized discussions and ongoing discipleship.

Key Details

  • Kickoff Session: Saturday, August 24th, 9-11 am in the East Hall
  • Monthly Small Groups: Held in host homes
  • Small Group Size: 4-5 married couples
  • Sign-Up Period: June 23 – July 29
  • Childcare: Available for the kickoff session only

Session Breakdown

1. The Grace Marriage Book Discussion

The inaugural session discusses the foundational principles outlined in “The Grace Marriage” by Brad and Marilyn Rhoads. This book emphasizes the importance of integrating grace into every aspect of marriage, providing a blueprint for couples to follow. In the following sessions, participants will explore key themes from the book, setting the stage for deeper dives into specific graces.

Discussion Points:

  • Overview of “The Grace Marriage”
  • Key principles and takeaways
  • How grace can transform your marriage

2. Monthly Small Groups

These study groups are designed to facilitate couples’ learning “The 8 Graces of Marriage,” a study based on this truth: The more we understand the grace God has shown us in Christ, the more we can give grace to another. When we develop a culture of grace in our marriage, our relationship will thrive, be healthier and more fulfilling, and reflect God’s grace to the world, primarily through discussions based on short videos introducing core concepts. Practicing The 8 Graces of Marriage can revolutionize how couples interact, solve conflicts, and work as a team by creating a culture of grace in their marriage. This study can also equip couples to mentor other couples.

One-on-One Discipleship Meetings

In addition to group discussions, couples can have one-on-one meetings with the leading couple. These personalized sessions allow deeper exploration of specific issues, tailored guidance, and ongoing support. This individualized attention is a cornerstone of the Refining Marriage initiative, ensuring each couple receives the care and encouragement they need.

How to Register

Registration for the Refining Marriage event is open from June 23 to July 29. To participate, please register both you and your spouse. Remember, childcare is available only for the kickoff session, so make arrangements for the subsequent sessions as needed.

Registration Steps:

  1. Visit our registration page.
  2. Fill out the registration form, including details for you and your spouse.
  3. Confirm your participation and note the childcare needs for the kickoff session.
  4. Mark your calendars for the kickoff on August 24th and the monthly sessions following it.

Why Attend Refining Marriage?

Strengthen Your Bond

Refining Marriage offers a dedicated time and space to focus on your relationship, free from daily distractions. The structured sessions and guided discussions ensure that every moment is purposeful, fostering a deeper connection between you and your spouse.

Learn and Grow Together

The small groups provide couples with valuable insights and practical tools for nurturing their relationships. The format encourages sharing and learning from others’ experiences, creating a supportive community of like-minded couples.

Personalized Support

The one-on-one meetings with the leading couple offer a unique opportunity for personalized discipleship. This tailored approach ensures that each couple’s specific needs and challenges are addressed, fostering sustained growth and improvement.

Build a Supportive Community

By participating in Refining Marriage, you’ll join a network of couples committed to enriching their marriages. The relationships formed during the sessions can provide ongoing support, encouragement, and accountability, helping you maintain the momentum long after the event.

Marriage is a God-ordained journey filled with moments of delight, challenge, growth, and grace. The Refining Marriage opportunity invites you to invest in this journey, strengthening your trust in the Lord, deepening your connection with your spouse, and bolstering your bond through God’s grace. Join us for this transformative discipleship opportunity, and take the first step towards a more fulfilling, grace-filled marriage.

Register now and be part of this marriage-strengthening event. 

Posted on: June 19, 2024 - 10:07AM

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