Acts 12 – The Grace of God in Prayer


When a case is put into God’s hands, he will certainly manage it well, and he will interfere in sufficient time to bring his servants out of their distress. Peter’s case was put into God’s hands. The company that met at the house of Mary, the mother of Mark, were appealing to the great Advocate. If any man is in prison, “we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.” With their humble prayers and tears they were pleading for their brother, whose valuable life they could ill afford to spare, for the infant Church needed the apostles at least for a time. Yes but just at that last and darkest hour of the night, God’s opportunity overtook man’s extremity. A light shone in the dungeon. Peter was awakened. God never is before his time; nor is he ever too late; he comes just when he is needed. But see, there is Peter asleep! Peter is asleep, doing nothing, doing nothing! Well, and that is the best thing for him too, for the case was put into God’s hand. I ask you, dear friends, suppose Peter had been awake, what could he do? Had he been fretting and troubling himself, what good could he have done? Finding, therefore, that nothing remained for him, he just throws himself upon the mercy of God, shuts his eyes as peacefully as though he were to awaken tomorrow to a wedding feast, and not to his own execution. Sleep on, blessed slumberer! Well might Herod envy you that peace which his kingly robe could never give him. You sleep, although your hands be chained, for your spirit is free; and it may be that in your dreams you are rejoicing “with a joy unspeakable, and full of glory.” When the case is taken into God’s hands, and you and I feel that we can do nothing for ourselves, we may take sleep in perfect tranquillity, for so he gives his beloved sleep.
Now, dear friends, lest you should give way to this apprehension too much, let me remind you that inasmuch as this is a great thing it is all the better evidence that it comes from God. The great God does not do little acts of grace. His works are all great, sought out by all those who fear him. Inasmuch as you confess that you are a great sinner, and therefore this is a surprising thing, let me remind you that this is the ordinary way in which God works to give great mercies to great sinners. He does not give his favours to men who think they deserve them; he searches the heart with a glance, and he abhors the proud. But to those who are made to feel that there is no good thing in them, and rest on his grace because they have nothing else on which to depend, the mercy comes, and the prisoners are freed.

Charles Spurgeon

Heart Preparation
Read Acts 12. Notice the great grace of God in answering prayer. What does it matter that God is being gracious in how he answers prayer? How does that impact your prayer life?

Posted on: October 10, 2013 - 8:43PM

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