Member Update – Josh and Kaleigh Bowman

Through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texasssssssss, New Mexico and finally to Arizona we arrived! After 2,100 miles driven and 33 hours in a car conquered, we were ready for Spring Training 2014. It was God’s grace to us, to get us here safely, car-trouble free and marriage intact! We were able to see family and a dear Covenant Life friend, Jay Kinderknecht as we trekked across the United States.

We spent most of the trip reading, praying, having dance parties and making crazy videos that had us laughing … for probably too long! With many unknowns ahead, we were filled with great anticipation of what the Lord had in store for us this month. We felt prayed up and ready!


Last year, one thing that made me miss home was the fact that everyone’s yard was full of little brown pebbles, cacti and no grass. Nothing was green anywhere. When we pulled up to 1920 East Belmont Drive, Josh and I were both overjoyed to find our temporary home with a beautiful lawn of green grass. We are learning to take in the simple joys of life! Although the family had a beautiful lawn and home, we pulled up not knowing what to expect. Our friends from last year’s Spring Training introduced us over the phone to Jaime and Tracee Allen, our new host parents. We have experienced the whole host family thing once and were anxious to meet the Allens and get settled.

They met us with a big hug and after only two weeks, we couldn’t be more thankful for the ways they love and encourage us. Being married and living the baseball life as newlyweds themselves, they have a heart for hosting, a love for the Lord and a sweet spot for baseball. They have three boys, and their youngest plays ball at Arizona State University. We’ve had a blast getting to know them and their two pups, Bubba and Bailey.


It blows me away how much the Lord can teach us in such a small amount of time, if only we are willing to learn. In the last two weeks, the Lord has taught Josh and me to…

Trust that He has our BEST in mind, no matter what lies ahead.

Armor up and be courageous for Him.

Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow has enough worries of it’s own.

Enjoy each day. Enjoy the adventure He has us on, EVEN on the hard days.

Look for His hand in all things.

Celebrate the little victories over sin and be thankful for God’s grace.

Do not complain or grumble, but rest in the work God has begun.

We have jumped right back into the church we attended last year, Redemption Tempe, and are grateful to reunite with sweet friends we met then. I am plugging away working from home, and Josh is doing well on the mound. The smooth, virtually seamless transition is one of the biggest evidences of God’s grace to us this year, and we are beyond grateful.

With Spring Training more than halfway over, we would love for you to join us by praying for us in the following ways…

To continue pursuing the Lord with all our hearts, and to listen to Him as He leads.

To be aware of opportunities to encourage and love the men and women in our lives.

For continued perseverance and focus in baseball.

That the Lord would bring us back to Midland, if this is His will.

(And most of all) that we would TRUST Him with our desires, careers, doubts, to KNOW He loves us no matter where He moves us next.

We miss you all deeply but feel Christ’s peace and joy, knowing right now this is exactly where He wants us. Thank you for praying alongside us, as we walk into another season.

Beyond grateful,

Kaleigh Bowman

Posted on: March 18, 2014 - 8:00AM

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