Genesis 35:31-38:30 – Waiting on God as a Means of Grace

We live in a time of unprecedented self-centeredness—a time of envy, strife, divisions, immor-ality and broken relationships. Yet there is good news. In the midst of a time and generation like this, there is hope because there is a sovereign God who sits in the heavens and has not left His throne. He is going to bring His will to pass no matter the thwarting, plans or conspiracies of men. God remains God. His will will be accomplished. We will see this in this study of Joseph, the final segment of the book of Genesis.

In Genesis 37-39 the flesh is seen in full display, showing what men are like when they walk by their flesh. These brothers are full of jealousy, hating their brother. So what do they do? They wanted to kill him…. So now they have plotted to kill him, decided not to, but instead sold him into slavery, then lied about it to their father. By their lie they break Jacob’s heart when he examines Joseph’s cloak.

It looks like the flesh has succeeded, that these men full of envy, strife and jealousy have succeeded in their awful task. But the thing that we often forget when we are dealing with people who are envious or jealous of us, or want to get rid of us in our jobs or schools or from the family, we think, “All is lost.” But all is not lost because there is a sovereign God who rules on His throne.

In retrospect, here is a picture of Jesus Christ. Here is what they’re doing to their brother but eventually this brother whom they sought to put to death, but instead sold into bondage to Egypt, will be the means for their salvation. A terrible famine is coming yet they are going to be saved from this death by their brother. Always, in the midst of the awfulness of the circumstances, God is still there. God is over all, and He has a promise for you if you are His child: Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes all things to keep on working together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

Kay Arthur

Read Genesis 35:21-38:30.

Are you in a season of life where you are doubting God’s promises and his faithfulness to you? How can you look to Scripture as an encouragement to believe God for his word and to trust him in the midst of your trails?

Christ the Sure and Steady Anchor by Matt Boswell

Posted on: April 29, 2016 - 7:53AM

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