Ephesians – The Mission of CLC

Seven years ago, two families packed up all their belongings and made the journey from Wake Forest, NC down to Tampa. They moved to Tampa to pour themselves out serving this city for the praise of God’s name until their dying breath. With that singular purpose, it was their desire to start a church in Tampa, a city on the cusp of rapid population growth, understanding that this could be one of the country’s most influential cities 25 years from now. With very little to no church planting work happening in urban Tampa, they saw an opportunity to, by God’s grace, be on the front end of a church planting movement in and around downtown Tampa for the glory of God.

The mission they had for this church, springing directly from the mission we see in Scripture, was that Covenant Life Church would exist to display God’s glory by becoming a gospel-centered community that works for the gospel renewal of Tampa and all nations. That CLC would not exist for it’s own name’s sake, but God’s glory and for his alone. That each member of this church would pour our their lives to make God’s glory appear to the eyes of the world as big as it really is. That CLC would be a body who lives out the Christian call to flee from isolation and to commit themselves corporately to the gospel with lives marked with authentic fellowship. That CLC would so richly and meaningfully care for the people of their city, that by God’s grace, those people might be beautifully and miraculously restored to God and themselves become agents of restoration in this city.

Last week, Covenant Life sent out its first church plant. This doesn’t mean the mission is over. In fact, it springs to life a great reminder of what this new season is to be marked by. That God would be highly exalted in this city as he makes us into a deeply, authentic community through whom he brings a mighty reconciliation of our city to himself. If God would so gracious to do this work in our body, how might he be calling you to grow? Where can you be poured out for his mission? How can God be glorified through your life?

Read these pages from Ephesians which speak to our mission statement.
God’s Glory: Ephesians 3:10
Gospel-Centered Community: Ephesians 4:1-7
Gospel Renewal: Ephesians 6:18-20

Come People of the Risen King by Keith and Kristyn Getty

Posted on: September 1, 2016 - 10:00PM

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