Psalm 17 – God Our Protector

David was a man under pressure. Accusations had been made against him concerning his conduct; his ego; his vain ambition. Men said that his behavior was criminal and that he deserved to die. The king of Israel himself believed this and was encouraging his men to hunt this rebel down and kill him.
David feels that he’s as helpless as a sheep amidst lions, but what a Shepherd he has.
Thus is the Creator of the universe, the God of infinite strength. The Lord is his Shepherd. David has no other mighty Protector, but with the Lord he needs no one else. Every sheep of God is safe. Can you believe this, that every single sheep whom God the Father gave to God the Son before the foundation of the earth to save and keep – and there are millions upon millions of them, an innumerable company – he has not lost one, not the weakest tottering sickly lamb, not the most stubborn and rebellious ram (and all of us take it in turn to being one or the other) – but Christ has saved and kept each one of them from those lions who would devour them. Not one is lost save Judas, the son of perdition, and that was that the Scripture might be fulfilled. David casts himself on this God. You hear of him in verses thirteen and fourteen – this God who rises up, this God who confronts his enemies, this God who brings them down, this God who rescues us from the wicked, this God who wields a mighty sword, this God who saves us from men who only think of this life and refuse to consider the life to come. God is active, and powerful; the great deliverer. 

How kindly he cares for us.

Geoff Thomas

Read Psalm 17. Do you see the ways that God is our certain source of protection? When you are hurting and in need to your recognize God as your protector and run to him?

Christ the Sure and Steady Anchor by Matt Boswell


Posted on: August 17, 2017 - 10:00PM

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