Joshua 1:10-18 – Trusting in God As You Prepare

How many there are whose life is a battle God knowest, O Father of all living! They wonder why they should exist; all things are hard to them: the night is dark, every road is difficult of passage, every door is shut, every man is a foe. They wonder and can hardly pray; they are amazed, and struck down with astonishment. Yet sometimes a little shining of light makes them glad; then they foretell the time of peace and rest and joy. God hast set in the midst of the week a day on which there shall be proclamation from time to time of his mercy and sympathies, and on which some hint of life’s great meaning shall be given to the sons of men. God dost show us that all his way is full of goodness, though we cannot now realise the significance of every event. When the grave is dug, his meaning is pitiful and merciful and most compassionate; when God dost send sorrow upon our life it is to chasten and refine that life and cleanse it of all defilement. God dost cause all things to work together for good to them that love thee; and God dost surprise the children by newness of revelation. We set to our seal that God is true; we will stand up and say in the hearing of men — God is good, and his mercy endureth for ever; he abideth through all the ages, and his love is an unchanging light. We are enabled to say this notwithstanding the battle, the bereavement, the great loss, the mortal disappointment; when we recover ourselves a little we say, God hast done all things well; his will not mine be done; lead kindly Light. So we feel it worth while to fight all the battle and endure all the sorrow, that at the end we may see light as we never saw it before, and feel the very peacefulness of peace, the very restfulness of rest. We come to him by a way that is living, the eternal way, the only way. We look unto Jesus, and are saved: we behold the Lamb of God, and in beholding him with the eyes of our faith we see our sins carried away. Was ever love like this? Scarcely for a righteous man will one die: for a good man peradventure some would die; but God dost magnify his love towards us in that while we were yet sinners — neither righteous nor good — Christ died for us, — amazing love! Oh the depth of the wisdom and grace! We are amazed; we are made glad; we feel we are forgiven. Amen.

Joseph Parker

Read Joshua 1:10-18 and notice how God provides the strength for the people to God forward in unity. Where can you be encouraged through this verses to be prepared for the battle, to be unified in your walk with other believers, or grow in your obedience to the call of Christ?

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Posted on: June 21, 2019 - 6:22PM

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