Snapshot (3/19/13)

Here are a few links to resources, articles and videos that have been really encouraging and helpful!  Take some time and check them out.

What are we after with Missional Communities after all?     by Jeff Vanderstelt

A short video snapshot of how some other brothers and sisters across the country are working through the missional community paradigm.

Dear Sufferer, Do Not Harden Your Heart      by Ed Welch

The problems that afflict us can be grouped into two categories: suffering and sin.  Both are approached with humility and love.  Sufferers hear comfort; sinners hear warnings, with comfort waiting on the far side of confession.  Yet the author of Hebrews prefers to make the boundary between sin and suffering more permeable.  He cautions sufferers about hardening their hearts, warning that it is a backdoor path to sin.

Why Studying Doctrine is the Best Medicine     by Tim Keller

This is a short read and a great reminder – how studying doctrine is mainly an academic discipline, but extremely crucial and applicable to how you live your life every day.



Posted on: March 19, 2013 - 11:42AM

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