Acts 3 – Healing a Beggar and Peter’s 2nd Sermon

Meditation for Preparation

Peter gave to the cripple a gift more valuable than money. “Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk” (3:6). Peter did not mean to intimate to the man who asked for alms that he had something less important to give him than money. “What” he had was more important than gold and could not be purchased with gold.

Peter could not confer upon the man, faith, but he could show him the work of faith. He could show him the power of faith; what faith could do for him. He could thus awaken in the man the knowledge of the greatness, the love and the power of Christ. He could give him such evidence that the poor man would believe for himself. That is the best that any one can do for another. Even if the man had not exercised faith for himself Peter’s promise would have been true. The blessing of health was of far more value to the cripple than money. Many a man who has a fortune and who has lost his health would give it if he might regain health. Many do spend a fortune in the effort to regain health. Charity is of value, but the end of Christian charity is of greater value. The object of the church is not to minister to the body. It does minister to the needy, but when it does it according to the command of Christ, it ministers in His name and for His honor.

To relieve the body of want is something, but a far greater thing is to demonstrate the love of Christ so that men may want to love Him. Even a cup of cold water is to be given in the name of  a disciple. It is to be done in such a way that others seeing your good works may glorify your Father which is in Heaven.

A man who was a vagrant of criminal habits was seated one night in gloom and misery in an alley of a city when a missionary came along and handed him a little tract. The poor fellow tore it in pieces and said with an oath: “If you want to help me give me your coat. You must see that I am freezing.” Then the missionary, who was himself thinly clad, took off his own coat and gave it to him.

This act of kindness almost broke the man’s heart. Though he was then deep in iniquity and far from God, he was wonderfully saved. It was not merely charity that saved him, but it was charity by a disciple and in the name of Christ.

The mind of the average man is set on that which is dazzling to the eye or attractive to the senses. Men seek wealth, prominence, honor or pleasure rather than Jesus Christ. The best gift for all men is itself a gift from God, it is faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Frank Allen

Heart Preparation
Read Acts 3. Peter and John say that they have no silver and gold but what they give what they do possess. How does this differ with what your view as your possessions? What would your life and ministry look like if you shared this perspective?

Posted on: June 13, 2013 - 10:57PM

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