Battle Discontentment with Community

If you struggle with contentment, I would encourage you to watch this short 2 minute video (Community Costs).  Being a part of a church plant is not easy.  Some of us have moved away from family to be here.  Some of us have moved away from friends that we have history with to see the gospel advance in Tampa and all nations.  Some of us have stepped away from the familiar to join what is happening at CLC.  Some of us have stepped out of darkness into light and we are altogether new to this whole thing!  Jess & I have felt the tug numerous times, “It would be easier if we lived closer to family and those old friends that really ‘get’ us.”  A wonderful thing about our generation is that we really do value community.  The problem is…community came easy with friends we grew up with or went to college with, but now we are finding that friendship/community is pricey.  Throw a full-time job, family, and kids into the equation and it is even more difficult.  Keller says this is the best and worst thing about our generation – we value community, but are unwilling to make the sacrifices necessary to experience it.  If this is you, battle discontentment in your heart by dropping roots in the community of CLC.  Commit to make the sacrifices necessary to have real friendships.  If we want great lifelong friends then we have to be great friends.  We want community, but we will have to sacrifice to get it.  It took me a while to figure this out – chances are the deep soul stirring friendships I long for are right in front of me.  Those incredible family friendships where your family and that family vacation together…those don’t happen by accident.  I hope this encourages you to make that phone call next time, or sacrifice a little sleep for an early breakfast or late cup of coffee.





Posted on: November 19, 2013 - 3:48PM

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