Isaiah 6:1-8 Why the Nations?


Now who’s the object of Christianity? God is. And everything is made to center around Him. God doesn’t bless us to center on us; He blesses us for His sake. He pours out grace and salvation on us for His sake. Who of us would be so arrogant as to think that we are at the center of God’s universe? You’re not at the center of God’s universe; I am not at the center of God’s universe. God is at the center of His universe, and everything revolves around Him. Everything revolves around His glory. This is biblical Christianity.

We experience abundant grace as we live for His abundant glory. The beauty of Christianity is you experience grace and love to the maximum as you live for His glory to the maximum. This is the picture that Scripture gives us. God in His purpose is overwhelmingly global. He is passionate about His global glory being made known. And this is the very reason He saves us, it’s the very reason we have breath at this moment.

But we miss it and we ignore it and we undercut it with the way we talk in the church today. We show that we don’t believe this when we say phrases we need to avoid, radically unbiblical phrases like, “I’m not called to foreign missions.”Now when people say this, Christians, church leaders, even pastors, when we say this, we’re most often looking at missions as an optional program for a faithful few in the church who are actually called to that. And we’ll watch their slide shows when they come back, but we’re just not all wired for that. So they’re good at that. God help us, we have taken even the very global purpose for which You saved us and we relegated it to a program for a few people to be involved in.

That we might be called to, this is not an issue of calling; this is a command, it’s the reason we were created. This does violence to Scripture and the very salvation we claim, looking for a call to go to all nations, when this is the reason we have been saved, the reason we have been created, the reason we have breath. It’s not an issue of calling. I know, and Scripture shows us, there’s all kinds of different callings represented here. You’re a teacher, you’re a stay-at-home mom, you’re an accountant, you’re a lawyer, you’re a doctor, you’re an engineer, you work in construction, you’re a student. We all have different callings. But where did we decide the Great Commission is a matter of calling that we have to wait for God to call us to do what we have been commanded to do. Every single one of our lives, regardless of what we’ve been called to do, is created for this one purpose.

What if we realized that every single person here, who is a follower of Christ, has been saved by God to make the glory of God known in all the world. How could anyone, who has been saved from eternal damnation by the blood of Jesus sit back and make excuses for not sharing that with the rest of the world? It’s not a matter of calling. We were created and we have been commanded to be a part of a global mission. You know, it’s a bit ironic that one of the most common questions, if not the most common question, that is asked in our church culture today is what is God’s will for my life? How do I know God’s will for my life? God show me Your will for my life.

1.4 million Bedouins in Algeria; 100% Muslim. No churches, no Christians, no missionaries, no Gospel, no Jesus. And we’re sitting back here saying, “What do you want me to do, God?” God, raise up a church, people that will no longer be content to wait for a tingly feeling to go down our spine to cause us to rise up and do what we have already been commanded to do; to cause us to do that for which is the primary reason we have breath.

The Bible is clear from cover to cover, His salvation; He has created you for a global mission. Therefore, we don’t say I’m not called for missions, we say I’m created for a global mission; every single one of us.

David Platt

Heart Preparation
This week we being a 3 week series on All the Nations. Read some of the verses about all the nations and meditate on the purpose of God for the nations. What is the significance of all the nations praising God? What part do you play in this?

Posted on: November 14, 2013 - 6:38PM

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