Luke 2:25-38 The Saints Anticipate Salvation in Christ


Let me then take your thoughts along the history of our Savior for a few moments. Far back into the ages, when as yet this world and sun and moon were not created — when God dwelt alone — then, in the foreknowledge of God, it was apparent that man would sin — that elect men, beloved of God, would fall in the common ruin. Then came the grand debate, the mighty question to be only solved by the supreme Intellect of Heaven, “How can sinners be reconciled to God?” And the Covenant was made, that ancient Covenant of which David sang, “ordered in all things and sure.” Jesus, the Second Person of the blessed Godhead, entered into Covenant with His Father, that in the fullness of time, He would stand in the sinner’s place and pay the sinner’s debt — that He would head up in Himself as many as the Father gave Him and become the second and restoring Adam to them, though, through the first and falling Adam, they, with others, had been destroyed. Then, when the Covenant was signed and the Divine parties to that grand transaction struck hands and ratified the bond, my eyes, as they look into that vast eternity and, with holy curiosity, desire to scan that council chamber — my eyes perceive God’s Salvation in the Person of Jesus Christ!

This was all that could have been seen by faith, even after the world had been created and man had fallen, until that day when the fullness of time was come — when Jesus Christ, who had covenanted to save His people, came to perform the work. Oh, the grandeur of that day when angels came in haste to sing that the Babe was born in Bethlehem! Ah, Simeon! What you see there is not merely a Babe—a little Child hanging upon a woman’s breast — it is the Word Incarnate, the Logos, without whom was not anything made that is made! He that spoke and it was done, lies there! He that said, “Light be,” and light was — the Word that was with God when He balanced the clouds and when He fixed the sockets of the universe, even He is there in the Person of that Child! The Son of Mary is also the Son of God! And whenever you, Beloved, look to God Incarnate and understand that wondrous mystery, “The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us,” and men chosen of Him beheld His Glory, “the Glory as of the only-begotten of the Father, full of Grace and Truth” — then when you see God in human flesh, you see God’s Salvation!

Charles Spurgeon

Heart Preparation
Read Luke 2:25-38. Consider how over the past few weeks how we have seen the prophets anticipating the Savior. Take some time to imagine the joy you would have felt to have finally seen the things you had so long waited for fulfilled before your eyes. How does this vision impact the way you view your life now?

Posted on: December 19, 2013 - 10:00PM

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