The Things That Matter – Notes from the CLC Internship


If you were to ask, “What are you most grateful for?” Covenant Life Church would hover at the top of my list.

A while ago, I told one of the pastors it was not his preaching (although very edifying) that drew me to the church. It was more subtle things that caught my attention. To point out a few things, it was our church’s standards for membership, the emphasis on accurate doctrine and right living, and the intentional praying for missionaries and the regular preaching of the gospel in every service. A little over a year ago I made the commitment to covenant with this church, and the Lord has already impacted me greatly through it.

Recently, I had the privilege of being asked to go through the first internship program with a few other men from the church. For twelve weeks, in addition to walking through 1 Timothy, we’ve read through chapters of appointed books and sometimes read an article or two and an audio clip every week. Every Sunday night we gather for a couple hours to further delve into this material. Additionally, at least once weekly we each meet with one of our pastors to work through direction and barriers in our lives. Finally, we are challenged to take a practical approach to what we have learned. Each man must take upon a project to benefit the church. If this sounds like a lot, it’s only because it is!

If I can be honest, it has become challenging at times to balance this internship. As a full-time student holding a full-time job and maintaining a healthy private devotional life, I have spent countless hours studying, reading and doing homework at the local coffee shop. My social life has taken an immense blow. As my roommates can attest, my dining table is covered with books and papers, and no longer capable to be used for eating. Many weeks I find myself barely able to finish all the assignments on my plate.

So is it worth it? My answer is a resounding “Yes!”

These are the things that matter greatly; the type of thing that grows and shapes a man. A man can point back to a time of concentrated study in his later years and say, “God did something in my life there.” Though this internship may seem daunting at times, I have found it to yield beautiful fruit.

This season has taught me discipline in ways I’ve never explored before. It has laid bare the lie that says, “I don’t have enough time.” Even when things are finished at the last minute, I could still look back to find no time has been wasted. I have learned and been exposed to numerous fallacies in my thinking and places in my life where growth is needed.

Throughout it all, I have developed a greater appreciation for Covenant Life because of this internship. I realize now, in ways I never have before, God’s larger design for the local church.

My encouragement to anyone reading is to get plugged into your local body. Church ought to be more than Sunday morning gatherings and after-service lunches together. It is meant to be a place of accountability, discipline, growth and gospel proclamation. Go and explore the cracks and crevasses of your church. Seek the things that matter most. And endeavor to be apart of it.

Frankie Concepcion

Posted on: April 3, 2014 - 10:18AM

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