Acts 28 – The Example of Paul in Sharing the Gospel

What does this teach us about evangelism? Just note these things, will you?

Let me make a statement about. What do we learn about his effective evangelism? Few very important points. You can jot down the passages and read them yourself. Where he preached is told here. Where did he preach? Anywhere. He was a prisoner, verse 16 tells us. He had a chain on him, verse 20 tells us. He was in a household, verse 23 tells us. Verse 30 tells us he dwelt in his own hired house always preaching, verse 31 says. There was no restriction as to where the pulpit was.

Where did he preach? Wherever he was. If he was in a prison, he preached there. If he was in a marketplace, he preached there. If he was in a synagogue, he preached there. It didn’t matter where he was. Evangelism is something that goes on anywhere. And how did he preach? I’m going to give you three thoughts. Number one, he preached lovingly. Notice verses 17 to 20. Remember how conciliating he was to the Jews, how loving he was? How he said, “I have no accusation against my nation?”

In spite of all that’s been done to him, he preached lovingly. Second, he preached biblically. He expounded and testified the kingdom of God as it was recorded in the law of Moses and out of the prophets, verse 2. He preached Biblically. It wasn’t his opinion it was biblical truth applied and fulfilled in the Messiah.

He also preached doctrinally. That is he taught the great doctrines of the kingdom in verse 31. The things concerning the Lord Jesus Christ. Verse 23 indicates he taught concerning the kingdom of God. He preached lovingly, biblically and doctrinally. When did he preach? When? Number one – promptly. Give you four thoughts. He preached promptly. Verse 17, after three days he began. Second thing, tirelessly, verse 23, he preached from morning till evening, tirelessly. Thirdly, he preached incessantly for two whole years he preached, verse 30 and 31. And I like it at the end of verse 31, with all confidence he preached boldly.

When did he preach? Promptly, tirelessly, incessantly, and with great boldness. That’s just kind of an addition.

To whom did he preach? Verse 17, to the Jews, verse 28, to the Gentiles, to anybody. And what did he preach? What was Paul’s message? Verse 23, persuading them concerning Jesus. Verse 31, teaching the things concerning the Lord Jesus Christ. He preached Jesus, that’s who he preached.

People, what does that say to us? Where are we to preach? Wherever we are. How are we to preach? Lovingly, biblically, doctrinally.

When are we to preach? Promptly, tirelessly and incessantly and with boldness. To whom are we to preach? Jew or Gentile, anybody. And what are we to preach? Jesus Christ. And what are the results? The results are exciting. Verse.24, some believed, some believed. Verse 24, some argued and went away. Some believe and some do not. People, I hope this year we can write a chronicle at the end of the story of the Acts the Holy Spirit of this age and that it would be written down for all times that the ministry of the apostle Paul, which ended in the first century, was carried on by our Church in the twentieth. Wouldn’t that be exciting?

John MacArthur

Heart Preparation
Read Acts 28 and notice the intentionality of Paul to proclaim the gospel? Where do you need to rely on God to grow you in sharing the gospel? Is it specifically In the when, the whom, or the what?

This Sunday we will be taking the Lord’s Supper. Please take some time to prepare yourself in advance for this important ordinance of the church.

Posted on: June 26, 2014 - 10:00PM

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