Partner Update – North Africa

As most of you may know, we are partnering with friends in North Africa. For the preservation of their work, we will refer to them as John and Melissa. In the next week, we have a team traveling to help our friends with their work there. While we often have member updates on the blog, this post acts as a partner update. Both John and Melissa have said they are doing really well in North Africa. They are enjoying their work of teaching, and are encouraged by the progress made and the new direction they are heading.

Last fall, Melissa mentioned they were exhausted. They felt both busy and spiritually drained and in desperate need of refreshment. The Lord was kind to allow them to spend time away in another country for training. This was the faithful provision of the Father as they received emotional, physical and spiritual renewal. During their time away, John and Melissa thought about their vision and the big picture of what the Lord has called them to do in North Africa. They returned refreshed, with a new vision. The team has been receptive to this new strategy, and they have begun to shift some of their time towards this new strategy, to invest in and train these local believers.

They have been blessed with having five people come for a short time, to help lighten the teaching load during this season. This will allow John and Melissa to focus on their main reason for being in North Africa and their new vision to invest in local believers. While these helpers won’t stay long-term, their help will be greatly appreciated. From mid-July until mid-February, John and Melissa will return to the states. They are hoping during this stateside time to come visit us at CLC. Another great blessing in their lives is that they are expecting a son in September! Their pregnancy has been a healthy one, and they are excited about this new member in their family.

Beginning on Friday, June 27, there will be a prayer focus for this North African country. For five Fridays, John and Melissa ask that individuals, MCs and entire fellowships can commit to pray for this country. Prayer guides will be sent out to those who will pray one these dates. If you are interested in praying as an individual or as an MC, please let me know and I will make sure you receive a prayer guide for your chosen Friday.

I am excited to see the work the Lord is doing in North Africa, and how He will use the faithfulness of John and Melissa to bring people to Him. Lord willing, it will be great to have them worship with us during their time in the states. Please be in prayer for the team that leaves this Thursday who will join our friends in their work in taking the gospel to those in North Africa.

Jennifer Burnette

Posted on: June 9, 2014 - 8:00AM

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