The Purity of the Church

In [Jeremiah’s] account, the faces of the Lord’s people were covered with shame, for it was a terrible thing that men should intrude into the Holy Place reserved for the priests alone. Everywhere about us we see like cause for sorrow. How many ungodly men are now educating with the view of entering into the ministry! What a crying sin is that solemn lie by which our whole population is nominally comprehended in the Church!

How fearful it is that ordinances should be pressed upon the unconverted, and that among the more enlightened churches of our land there should be such laxity of discipline. If the thousands who will read this portion take this matter before the Lord Jesus today, he will interfere and avert the evil that will otherwise come upon his church.

To adulterate the Church is to pollute a well, to pour water upon fire, to sow a fertile field with stones. May we all have grace to maintain in our own proper way the purity of the Church, as being an assembly of believers, and not a nation, an unsaved community of unconverted men.

Our zeal must, however, begin at home. Let us examine ourselves as to our right to eat at the Lord’s table. Let us see to it that we have on our wedding garment, lest we ourselves be intruders in the Lord’s sanctuaries. Many are called, but few are chosen; the way is narrow, and the gateway is a strait.

Oh, for grace to come to Jesus aright, with the faith of God’s elect! He who smote Uzzah for touching the ark is very jealous of his two ordinances. As a true believer I may approach them freely, as an alien I must not touch them lest I die. Heart searching is the duty of all who are baptized or come to the Lord’s table. “Search me, O God, and know my way! Try me and know my heart!“

Charles Spurgeon

Heart Preparation
Read 2 Corinthians 11:2 and Ephesians 4:25-27. How do these texts inform the need for meaningful church membership and church discipline? How can you grow in these areas? How can  you encourage others to grow in these areas?

Posted on: July 10, 2014 - 10:00PM

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