Hosea 4 – The Value of Knowing God’s Word

How little do they know of their blindness! They suppose themselves as competent to judge of spiritual as they are of carnal things; though God tells them, that they cannot comprehend the things of the Spirit for want of a spiritual discernment.

How little do they know of their guilt! Do they really feel themselves deserving of God’s eternal wrath and indignation? They cannot cordially acquiesce in that idea, notwithstanding they are expressly said to be under the curse and condemnation of the law.

How little do they know of their depravity ! They will acknowledge, that they have this or that particular infirmity: but they have no just conception of the total depravity of their hearts; or of the truth of God s testimony respecting them, that “every imagination of the thoughts of their hearts is evil, only evil, continually.”

How little do they know of their utter helplessness ! They imagine that they can exercise repentance and faith just when they please, though they are declared by God himself to be incapable of themselves to do any thing, even so much as to think a good thought.

Every sin is destructive, but more especially impenitence and unbelief. And what is the occasion of these? Must they not be traced to ignorance as their true and proper source? If men knew what ignorant, guilty, depraved, and helpless creatures they are, could they refrain from sorrow and contrition? – If they knew what a holy, just, and immutable God they have to do with, could they do otherwise than tremble before him? – If they knew what a merciful, loving, and adorable Saviour there is, whose bowels are yearning over them, who is ever following them with invitations and entreaties, and who longs for nothing so much as to save their souls, could they turn their backs upon him? Could they help crying to him for mercy, and desiring an interest in his salvation? If a man, feeling himself in imminent danger of perishing in the sea, cannot but avail himself of the assistance offered him for the preservation of his life, so neither can a man who feels his danger of everlasting destruction neglect and despise the salvation offered him in the Gospel.

How thankful should we be for any measure of divine knowledge! To be wise unto salvation is to be wise indeed. All other knowledge is as nothing in comparison of this. Blessed then are they who can say, “This I know, that, whereas I was blind, I now see.” Yes, Believers, “blessed are your eyes, which now see:” for if ignorance is destructive to the soul, knowledge, on the other hand, provided it be spiritual and practical, will surely save it.

Charles Simeon

Heart Preparation
Read Hosea 4. Do you ever consider how important understanding God’s word is for all of life and how you live your life? If God’s word is so valuable, is it reflected in the amount of time or seriousness which you approach it? How can the Spirit grow you in this area?

Posted on: September 4, 2014 - 10:00PM

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