Psalm 111 – Thankfulness to God

Remembrance of the wonderful works of the Lord will have this effect on our minds. It will make us consider and acknowledge the divine bounty to us throughout all our lives. Observe what the psalmist says next: “He hath given meat unto them that fear him.” Now, as we recollect that, as the Israelites might have recollected how they had abundance of food even in the wilderness, we shall be led to think of what poor creatures we must be to be so dependent upon our God. We should not have been alive if he had not fed us. How poor we all are in our natural condition! There is not a man alive who has not had to be indebted to God for the breath in his nostrils. We owe everything to him; and in looking back upon our spiritual career, we have to say, “He hath given meat unto them that fear him.” We have had to receive from the Lord the daily food that our souls have required; in temporal things and in spiritual, we have been pensioners at his gate, beggars wholly dependent upon his bounty. We have not been able to provide for ourselves one morsel of the bread of heaven. The Lord has had to give us all that we have had all through our whole life, both physically and spiritually. He has not only given meat to his people once or twice, but all their lives. The bread you eat to nourish your body, and the spiritual food whereon your soul has been fed, have been continually given to you. Have you ever counted how many meals you have eaten from the first day until now? Have you ever thought of the great store of spiritual food that you have received from the Lord? The queen of Sheba was astonished at the provision that Solomon made for his household for a single day; but oh, what wonderful provision Christ has made for you! He has given you, spiritually, his flesh to eat, and his blood to drink. He has given you, even in superabundance, the riches of his grace, and he will, in due time, give you the riches of his glory. Do not fail to recollect his wonderful works, in order that, while you realize your absolute dependence upon him, you may also see how he has continually supplied all your needs, so that you have lacked nothing from the first day even until now.

Charles Spurgeon

Heart Preparation
Read Psalm 111 and take two minutes to consider some of the Lord’s blessings to you. Now take some time to give God thanks for those blessings.

Song for the Week
10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman

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Posted on: April 16, 2015 - 10:00PM

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