Colossians 3:16 – Why The Church Should Sing Together

Why is it so important that we sing together on Sundays? Why can’t I just go out in the woods and sing or just light up a fire in my fireplace and sing to God by myself in the cozy comfort of my den?

Isn’t our Sunday worship just a warm up for the message? A way to gather everyone together for the preaching? Why can’t we just skip the singing together and get to the real meat?

Our times of worship together are critical. And unless we are unable to make it, we should not neglect to sing together with other believers. Not that God doesn’t love our songs to him at home. But something unique happens when we sing together. The word of Christ dwells in us richly.

All of us need to regularly soak in “the word of Christ,” or the gospel. We need to be reminded of Christ and his work over and over again. We’re so prone to slipping into condemnation or a subtle works mentality. We need to be reminded again and again we’re justified by Jesus’ blood. Of Christ’s sacrificial love for us. We need fresh encouragement that though there is tribulation in the world, Christ has overcome the world. We need to turn the diamond of the gospel around and around and examine it from every angle.

The gospel dwells in us richly through teaching, preaching and admonishment. But Colossians tells us the word of Christ also dwells in us richly when we sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs with thankfulness together. Our weekly times of corporate singing are times of steeping in the gospel. Times of meditating on all God has done for us through Jesus. Times to refocus our minds on Christ.

And music does this in a way that preaching can’t. In songs phrases are repeated and tied to music. This makes them more memorable. Singing is a way of meditating on God’s word. It’s mulling it over. It’s chewing on it, rolling it over, chewing some more. The word of Christ dwelling richly. Music is powerful in this way. Sing the gospel together. Let it ruminate and roll around in your heart and fill you with joy.

Colin Smith

Heart Preparation
Read Colossians 3:16. Have you ever considered why we sign together? Do you understand the immense value of what we are doing when we sing corporately? Do you make a priority to participate as much as possible in the corporate singing?

Song for the Week
I Stand Amazed by Charles Gabriel

Posted on: July 16, 2015 - 10:00PM

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