Jude 24-25 – Our Confidence in Contending for the Faith

Wonderful is the wisdom which he has displayed in his dealings with his people. Contemplate the plan of salvation through the incarnation and death of his only-begotten Son. What unfathomable depths of wisdom are here? Well is it called, “The wisdom of God in a mystery!” To contemplate that, will be the employment of eternity.

If we entered into his particular dispensations towards his people, [never] would this perfection appear in less bright colours; so “unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out.” The experience of every saint will furnish abundant matter for adoration through all eternity; for “he has abounded towards every one of them in all wisdom and prudence.”

In the name of “Saviour” he glories; and under that character he loves to be viewed by us. His perfections would indeed be the same, though never put forth for us, any more than for the fallen angels: but, as they are so exercised for our welfare, it becomes us to contemplate them in that particular view, and to render to him the praise which such manifestations of them demand. Reflect a moment on him as a “Saviour!” not merely as preserving us in our conflicts here, but as “presenting us faultless before the presence of his glory” in the world above.

Where will you look for help, if not to him? Of whom besides can it be said that he has either wisdom or power to do such great things for you? With him alone is either wisdom or might sufficient for you. Go then to him: spread before him your every want: expect from him a supply in every hour of need, a supply suited to your wants and sufficient for your necessities. Never for a moment entertain a doubt of his kindness, his care, his all-sufficiency: for he is God, and not man; and therefore ye have not been consumed hitherto, nor shall any enemy prevail against you. Only bear in mind that “He is for you;” and you may defy all the assaults both of earth and hell.

Charles Simeon

Read Jude 24-25. For the past three weeks we have seen Jude challenging us to contend for the faith. How do these last two verses give us confidence in our contending?

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Posted on: August 4, 2016 - 10:00PM

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