Stand: 1st Peter Sermon Series

All across the world, believers in Jesus Christ are living amid challenges that are confronting both their claims of truthfulness and their willingness to stand against the cultural stream. This hostility which has been prevalent across the globe is now sweeping through our country, and the church finds herself asking complicated, multi-faceted, and difficult questions. How should believers in Jesus Christ live out their faith amid such a hostile culture? If only there were answers to these challenges…but wait, there are!

1st Peter is one of the treasures of the New Testament. Tucked away towards the end of the Bible, this brief letter provides crucially important answers to the questions that faced the church then and face the church now. Written to believers who were beginning to feel the adverse effects of following God in the face of various trials, this letter is a call for believers to stand in their sufferings with confidence, comfort, and hope. Yet these truths are not reserved for only the church in Peter’s day. Every believer and church in our day are wrestling with similar questions and praise be to God – this small letter addresses us too.

If you have struggled with suffering, if you have not understood the importance of heaven, or if you are confused on how to best live out your faith in a increasingly hostile culture, 1st Peter reminds each of us over and over the solutions to such issues. Join us over the next few months as we walk through these timely truths. If you are looking for a helpful user-friendly commentary on this book, we would recommend Edmund Clowney’s work The Message of 1 Peter found in the “Bible Speaks Today” series.
To God be the glory…

Justin Perry

Posted on: September 29, 2016 - 10:46AM

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