More Reflections from the Winter Women’s Retreat

For those of you who haven’t met me, my name is Laura Brown. I have been a member at CLC for a few years along with my husband Doug and our daughter Caroline. I am honored to share ways the Women’s Retreat has influenced me.

When Doug and I began attending CLC, one of the characteristics we longed for was genuine community. We both desired authentic relationships that paid more attention to the heart rather than outward appearance or status. We each found these close-knit friendships within the men and women. Over the last two years, attending the Women’s Retreats has helped my relationship with the Lord to grow profoundly, as well as my relationships with other ladies at CLC.

While it is impossible to share every meaningful portion of this time, two areas I will focus on are the breakout sessions and time alone with Jesus. During the weekend, we had the opportunity to hear either Tonya Walker, Hope Henchey, or Emma Kindell speak on various life topics. It was a privilege to hear Tonya’s incredible, convicting, and Biblically-centered story of her family walking through difficult circumstances. I greatly appreciated her honesty, authenticity, and humility to approach some extremely challenging and delicate circumstances. Through this time, I learned ways to love others more deeply. Thankfully, Hope and Emma’s sessions are on the church’s website, so now I can hear these women speak too!

Getting personal, uninterrupted time with Jesus was also so refreshing. On Saturday morning, we had extended alone time sitting with God with the aim to read, pray, and reflect. As a mom, I cherish these rare times. Nothing compares to curling up on a rocking chair in the brisk morning, being still before God. When we come to Him with no agenda other than seeking His face, He speaks so clearly. I am so thankful the Women’s Team incorporated time like this into our retreat schedule. Also, thanks so much to the husbands who watched our children, in order for us to have this time!

If you are a woman that generally shies away from out-of-church activities involving mingling with unknown faces, the possibility of awkward conversations, and extended time away, I promise you the Women’s Retreat will dispel all of those fears. Here you will find a group of sinners who are desperate for Jesus, and extremely grateful to gather together with the simple aim of helping one another live lives that are pleasing to God. If you step out of your comfort zone and attend the next women’s activity, I promise you will meet another friend who cares deeply about your heart.

Laura Brown

Posted on: March 16, 2017 - 2:11PM

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