Psalm 2 – The Blessed Refuge of Trusting in Christ

Gracious and loving as the Saviour is, he is susceptible of anger on just occasions, and feels a holy indignation against those who slight his love. And “if once his wrath be kindled, yea, but a little,” it will utterly destroy us [Note: Revelation 6:15-17.]. It will be but little consolation for us to see others suffering under his heavier displeasure: the person who feels the smallest portion of his wrath in hell, will be inexpressibly and eternally miserable: and therefore it becomes us to offer him the sincerest tribute of our affection without delay. Nothing but this can prevent our ruin. In whatever “way” we are walking, we shall “perish from it,” if we do not embrace him with the arms of faith, and “cleave to him with full purpose of heart [Note: Acts 11:23.].”

[But] what was before metaphorically represented by “kissing the Son,” is here more simply expressed by “trusting in him.” In fact, a cordial and entire confidence in him, as “our wisdom, righteousness, Sanctification, and redemption,” comprehends all the duties which we are capable of performing towards him in this world.

Now such a trust in him renders a man inconceivably blessed. It brings peace into his soul: it obtains for him the forgiveness of all his sins; it secures “grace sufficient for him,” and “strength according to his day.” It makes him “blessed” in every state; in health or sickness, in wealth or poverty, in life or death. It entities him to an incorruptible and undefiled inheritance in heaven. No creature that possessed it, ever perished. Glory and honour and immortality are the portion of “all that trust in Christ.” Whatever may have been their past conduct, or however they may doubt their own acceptance with God, they “are” blessed, and shall be blessed for evermore.

Here then is the direction which in God’s name we give to all; “Kiss the Son.” If you have any desire to escape the wrath to come, or to lay hold on eternal life, this is the sure, the only way of attaining your end. Neglect Christ; and, whatever else you either have or do, it will avail you nothing: you must “perish” everlastingly [Note: Luke 14:24 and John 3:36.]. Love the Lord Jesus Christ, and give yourselves up unto him; and, notwithstanding your past sins, or present infirmities, “you shall never perish, but shall have everlasting life [Note: John 3:15-16.].”

Charles Simeon

Read all Psalm 2. Notice that while there are many competing claims for joy and happiness in this chapter, that in the final verse (v. 12) that true happiness and refuge is found in Christ. In what ways are you tempted to find temporary joy in other places? In those moments, how can you remind yourself of where true joy is found?

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Posted on: May 4, 2017 - 10:00PM

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