Psalm 4 – Our Only Source of True Happiness

The world desires something which it may see, and taste, and handle. The joys of faith it does not understand. We, by divine grace, do not walk by sight; but the poor sons of earth must have visible, present, terrestrial joys. We have an unseen portion, an invisible inheritance; we have higher faculties, and nobler delights. We want no carnal showman to bid the puppet joys of time dance before us; we have seen “the King in his beauty,” and spiritually we behold “the land which is very far off.” Let us pity the worldling, who is seeking water where there is none, in a salt land, a thirsty soil. Let us earnestly intercede for poor, short-sighted man, that he may yet have “the wisdom that is from above,” and the eye-salve of divine illumination; then will he no more seek for his happiness below, or look for pleasure in things of time and sense.
Take care, my hearer, that thou dost not suffer under the same delusion. Ever pray that thou mayest be kept from hunting in the purlieus of sense, and fixing thine affection on earthly things; for, be sure of this, that the roses of this world are covered with thorns, and her hives of honey, if broken open, will surround thee with stinging remembrances, but not a drop of sweetness will they afford.
Pause here, and realize the emptiness of sublunary joys. Entreat the Spirit of all grace to reveal to thy soul the hollowness of terrestrial baubles. Take earth, and as Quarles has it, “Tinnit inane,” — it sounds because it is empty. Despise the world, rate its jewels at a low price, estimate its gems as paste, and its solidities as dreams. Think not, that thou shalt thus lose pleasure, but rather remember the saying of Chrysostom, “Contemn riches, and thou shalt be rich; contemn glory, and thou shalt be glorious; contemn injuries, and thou shalt be a conqueror: contemn rest, and thou shalt gain rest; contemn earth, and thou shalt gain heaven.”

Charles Spurgeon

Read Psalm 4 and take particular note of verse 7. In the midst of David’s troubles outlined in this psalm where is his hope? Is your perspective like David’s when troubles come against you? How can you, by God’s Spirit, adjust your perspective in these times?

Not In Me by Sovereign Grace

Posted on: May 18, 2017 - 10:00PM

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