Psalm 14 -The Folly of Denying God By Our Sin

The Psalmist has evidently been reflecting on the extreme wickedness of the human heart, in that men, for the purpose of prosecuting their evil ways without fear, would banish God himself from the universe [Note: ver. 1.], and, by impious derision, drive out all regard for piety from the world
View the state of the world, especially as it is described in the psalm before us. How inexpressibly awful! And how fully is this description verified in all around us! Respecting the Heathen world, we are willing enough to acknowledge the truth of the accusation: but, respecting the Christian world, we are ready to conceive of it as exaggerated and false. But St. Paul quotes these very expressions, to prove the wickedness of all mankind: and the smallest measure of candid observation will confirm all that he has spoken.
Are any of you convinced of your sinful and undone state? Consider the remedy provided for you. O how precious should it be to your souls! How infinitely dearer to you than thousands of silver and gold! Great as your guilt undoubtedly is, it may all be washed away in the Redeemer’s blood: and, fixed as your corruptions are, they may all be rooted out by the operation of his holy Spirit on your souls. Reconciliation is made for you through the blood of the cross; so that God, from being your enemy, is ready to become your Father and your friend: and, if only you embrace the salvation offered you in the Gospel, all the glory of heaven shall be yours. Cherish, then, this holy desire: and, in reference to your own souls in particular, be constantly saying, “O that the salvation of Israel were come out of Zion!”

Charles Simeon

Read Psalm 14. In what ways do your sin struggles point to doubts of God’s nature and authority? How does verse 7 point to the victory, Christ gives us over sin?

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Posted on: July 27, 2017 - 10:00PM

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