Mark 2:1-12 – The Authority of our Awesome God

It is one thing for Jesus to promise forgiveness, but his words have no meaning other than the ranting of a madman or some kind of theological anarchist, if the man remains on his mat. But if the man gets up and walks, then it is clear that Jesus does have the power to do as he says. If the man is healed, there can be only one conclusion–Jesus has the authority to forgive sin, even if that authority belongs to God alone. And so in asking this question, Jesus is preparing everyone there for what follows next. Both healing and the forgiveness of sins are the sure sign that the kingdom of God has come in power.
When we read that Jesus has authority to forgive sin, this should bring us unspeakable comfort. Every person here has a past and a present. Some of us are notorious sinners. Some of us are good at keeping our sins hidden from everyone else. But we are all sinners. Therefore, we will get sick, we will suffer, and bad things will happen to us and to those we love. We are a fallen race and we live in a fallen world. And so when Jesus says to this man “your sins are forgiven,” we see these words in the context of the cross and the empty tomb. To those of us who know the depths and gravity of our sin, there are no more comforting words than these, “your sins are forgiven.” Jesus declared these words to the paralyzed man. He has also declared them to you this very day.
When Jesus healed the paralyzed man lowered down on his sickbed in the midst of Peter’s packed out house in Capernaum, we are given the first glimpse of how it is that Jesus will remove the curse and make all things new. The people who witnessed this, praised God because they had never seen anything like it. The lame man leaped like a deer and the people’s hearts were filled with joy. The messianic age had dawned! Therefore, let us praise our merciful and gracious God because one day, we will all be healed and all will be made right because Jesus has already said to each of us who trusts in him, “your sins are forgiven!”

Kim Riddlebarger

Read Mark 2:1-12 and consider the fact that Jesus has the authority both to make a lame man walk and the authority to forgive sin. What a great God he is! How does your considering his authority cause you to better worship Jesus?

All I Have Is Christ by Jordan Kaufflin

Posted on: November 9, 2017 - 10:00PM

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