Mark 4:21-34 – The Unstoppable Growth of the Kingdom of God

The mustard-seed is the smallest of all those seeds which grow to any considerable size: and such was the Church of Christ at its first establishment in the world. It consisted at first of our Lord and his twelve Disciples; and even after our Lord’s ascension, their number was only one hundred and twenty. Soon however it spread forth its branches. As the mustard-seed, notwithstanding its smallness, grows up (in the eastern countries) into a tree of some magnitude, so did the Church, notwithstanding its unpromising appearances, extend its limits with astonishing rapidity. In the space of but a very few years, it filled, not Judea only, but the whole Roman empire. Nor is it yet grown to its full dimensions. It will in the latter days overspread the whole earth. All the kingdoms of the world shall become the kingdoms of the Lord and of his Christ. And as Jews and Gentiles have already taken refuge under its shadow, so shall people from all nations and languages in God’s appointed time.
It is to be lamented that infidelity and profaneness have overrun the world; and that this tree which the Lord hath planted, has been so “wasted and devoured by the wild beasts of the field [Note: Psalms 80:8-13].” But still the stock remains, nor shall it ever be rooted up. It shall yet “shoot forth its roots downward and bring forth fruit upward [Note: 2 Kings 19:30].” At various seasons the Church has been contracted within very narrow limits; yet has always been preserved. In the days of Noah and of Abraham, the branches were cut down, and nothing remained but the mere stem; yet it put forth fresh branches, and extended them far and wide. So shall it do yet again, till at last it cover the whole earth. Where there is nothing now but idolatry and every species of wickedness, there shall one day be “holiness to the Lord inscribed upon the very bells of the horses [Note: Zechariah 14:20].” Let us then water this tree with our prayers and tears. Let us help forward its growth by every means in our power; and look with confidence to that period, when all the nations of the world shall come and sit under its benign shadow.

Charles Simeon

Read Mark 4:21-34. What confidence can you take from the fact that the Kingdom of God is destined for marvelous growth that cannot be hindered? How does this affect the way you spend your time? How does this affect your emotions in struggle? How does this affect your outlook on all of life?

Praise the King by Corey Voss

Posted on: January 18, 2018 - 10:00PM

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