Psalm 28 – Delighting in the God who Hears and Answers Our Prayers

If God could be deaf and dumb to the supplications of His servant, there could be neither comfort nor hope for him. And if God should turn away from him, his ruin would be certain. But then the servant of God would share the fate of the wicked. This however is impossible, so long as the servant of God is neither unfaithful nor a hypocrite. If he can really establish himself on God as his rock, when he lifts up his hands and heart in faith (Psalm 28:7), to the God enthroned in the Holiest of All, then he will experience, that even on the brink of an abyss there is a way of escape and he will not be drawn down into its depths with the ungodly. For God is just, and shows Himself in His unchangeable faithfulness and truth as a rock, to those who trust in Him and abide by Him.
When trouble increases, trust in God must not decrease; our prayers must not be silent, though God for a while is silent.—That prayers are not heard for a while, is no sign that God is angry, but that He would try our faith, and train us in patience.—Great sufferings cannot choke the desire for prayer so long as the heart does not become faint-hearted.—The confidence of the pious in God’s assistance against ungodly enemies, has its ground not in the feeling of personal worth, but in the assurance of Divine righteousness.—Not to observe the Divine government, is a characteristic of the ungodly and the sign of their ruin.—Many trouble themselves no more with God’s judgment than they do with His commandments; but he who transgresses the latter cannot escape the former.—God recompenses justly; therefore fear His judgment, but trust in His righteousness.—The innocent may suffer much and long; but they will not call upon God in vain, and even when they die they will not be swept away with the guilty.—A pious king seeks not only his own deliverance, but the salvation of his people at the same time.—He who trusts God, has built well.—God not only protects His own children, in time, but He likewise blesses them for eternity.

Carl Bernhard Moll

Read Psalm 28. What does your hope reside in the midst of trouble? And how do you pray for justice? What is David’s encouragement in this short psalm?

He Leadeth Me by Joseph H. Gilmore

Posted on: May 10, 2018 - 10:00PM

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