Psalm 29 – The Call to Glorify God Because of His Strength That He Uses to Bless His People

The omnipotence of God in nature inspires the devout with the spirit of worship. Inspires the common mind with fear. The scientific mind with inquiry. Inflames the imagination of the poetic mind. But fills the devout mind with the spirit of worship of the great invisible Creator. “Give unto the Lord the honour [or, ‘glory’] due unto his Name.” Every manifestation of God is interesting to the religious man.
It is this spirit of worship then which drives the devout man to seek for sympathy and fellowship in his worship. And to whom does he call? He calls upon the whole invisible world of the sons of God to give glory to God in the “beauty of holiness,” or in holy apparel, i.e. dressed as priests in spotless attire. Human praise is poor and inadequate. And he would have the angelic choir give full-voiced utterance to God’s glory in higher strains than he could reach. So here the spirit of worship brings man into closer sympathy with his fellow-man. Hence the necessity of public worship, because all our best emotions become deepened when shared with others. We are made for fellowship in all the highest good of life.
This God we worship, who is mighty in nature, will give strength unto his people. The crashing thunderstorm which awakens fear in ordinary minds awakens trust and confidence in the devout mind. He who by his might raises the storm will give strength to the weak and persecuted. He sits above the storm, is Master and King over it; and he sits above the storms of the mind and heart, to control them. He who quells the storm is able to quell the tumults of the mind, and to give us peace. Christ gave his peace to the disciples; and “the peace of God which passeth all understanding is able to keep [guard] our hearts and minds.” It is inward trust and rest, and not merely outward tranquility.

Joseph Exell

Read Psalm 29 and consider the marvelous greatness of our God. How does meditating on this great God impact your perspective on the rest of life? What prevents you from meditating on him in this way more consistently?

Our Great God by Bob Kauflin

Posted on: May 17, 2018 - 10:00PM

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