Psalm 34 – The Lord, our Provider and Deliverer

Why is God so ready to hear the prayers of men? Because He is a God of infinite grace and mercy. It is indeed a very wonderful thing that so great a God should be so ready to hear our prayers, though we are so despicable and unworthy; that He should give free access at all times to everyone, should allow us to be importunate without esteeming it an indecent boldness, should be so rich in mercy to them that call upon Him that worms of the dust should have such power with God by prayer; that He should do such great things in answer to their prayers, and should show Himself, as it were overcome by them. This is very wonderful when we consider the distance between God and us, and how we have provoked Him by our sins, and how unworthy we are of the least gracious notice. It cannot be from any need that God stands in of us; for our goodness does not extend to Him. Neither can it be from anything in us to incline the heart of God to us; it cannot be from any worthiness in our prayers, which are in themselves polluted things. But it is because God delights in mercy and condescension. He is herein infinitely distinguished from all other gods; He is the great fountain of all good, from whom goodness flows as light from the sun. We have a glorious Mediator who has prepared the way, that our prayers may be heard consistently with the honor of God’s justice and majesty. Not only has God in himself mercy sufficient for this, but the Mediator has provided that this mercy may be exercised consistently with the divine honor. Through Him we may come to God for mercy; He is the way, the truth, and the life; no man can come to the Father but by Him.

Jonathan Edwards

Read Psalm 34 and take note of all the gracious ways that God provides for, delivers, and loves his people. How do these truths affect your love for God, your prayer, and your obedience?

O God of Mercy, Hear our Plea by Sovereign Grace Music

Posted on: June 21, 2018 - 11:00PM

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