Worship Through Prayer – June 3, 2018

Our good and loving Father, thank for this time to call upon you as a body. What comfort and peace and joy we have in belonging to you and in knowing that not only do you hear our prayers but that you love us and you respond to us with great wisdom and care. You are intimately acquainted with all of our ways and yet you meet us with steadfast love and mercy every morning. Thank you, Father; great is your faithfulness!

This morning we also thank you, for the salvation that we have in Christ who went to the cross on our behalf and paid the debt of our sin in full then rose in power three days later defeating sin and death, bringing forgiveness and reconciliation to all who by faith trust in Him alone.

Father, while the power of sin no longer reigns over us or enslaves us as it once did, the presence of sin and the effects of it are still evident in our lives and in the lives of those around us. Brokenness marks this world, and the pain of it is all too real. This morning there are families who long for children and yet remain with out them, there are struggling marriages, there is financial despair, there are loved ones who have passed away, and many other things. Oh Lord, be near to these dear brothers and sisters. Bring rest and comfort to them as they remember that your goodness and loving kindness is pursuing them all the days of their lives. Help us as a church to walk in the gifts given to us by your spirit that you would be glorified and so that each member would be edified and built up.

Lord, in our city we see homeless, we see violence in our schools, we see communities ravaged by addiction, and we see an uprise in the slavery of human trafficking. In our nation, the love of money and power leads to the manifestion of all kinds of evil. What it means to care for and to value women and human life has been twisted into a pursuit that leads only to despair. Oh Lord, how the Gospel is needed in this city and in this nation. Our hope is in you who entered into our brokenness to rescue and to redeem. As your church we are your ambassadors and your ministers of reconciliation to a lost and dying world. Use us, Lord; bring the hope of Jesus to this city and to this nation. May we be eager to tell others of the joy we have found in you.

We also pray for the effectiveness of our partners at the IMB, at Haiti Love, and in Wales. Continue to lead Noah, Elmond, the brothers of HIT and Maria as they minister to Haitians in the DR. Thank you for the work you have done in the life of Cynthia and Blessing on the recent trip and we pray that you would continue that work in their lives as here in Tampa – that they would continue to grow in their love for Christ and their desire to tell others about you. Thank you for the work of the recent Wales team. Be with JG, Matt, Resa, Justin, Tonya, and Abby, and continue to open doors for the Gospel to go forth. Thank you for the opportunity that they have been given. Again, we thank you for these partners and for the Gospel work this happening.

Lord, we look forward to your return and to the day where there will be no more wars, no more racism, no more disease, no disasters, no loss of life, and no pain or suffering. We look to you this morning because you are reconciling all things to yourself. You have entered into our brokenness to rescue and to restore. By your wounds we are healed! Thank you Jesus for the hope we have in you. The brokenness we now experience and see is only temporary for those who belong to you. Lord, would you draw unbelieving hearts to you this morning! Save those who have yet to trust in you. Thank you for inclining your ear to us.

Lord, you are our rock and our fortress. For your name’s sake lead us and guide us. Into your hands we commit our spirit, for you have redeemed us, O Lord, faithful God. We will rejoice and be glad in your steadfast love because you have seen our affliction and the distress of our souls and you save us. Thank you, Lord for your steadfast love and mercy.

In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Posted on: June 4, 2018 - 10:15AM

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