Mark 9:2-13 – The Transfig Ya’ Dig

In order to rescue his disciples from their bondage to their own glory and their addiction to all the shadow glories of the crated world, it was necessary for Jesus to reveal a greater, more transcendent glory. So in one of the most incredible scenes in all of the biblical story, Jesus pulled back the curtain and showed them his glory as the one and only Son of the Most High God. It was a jaw-slackening, heart-stopping, mind-blowing display of divine glory. If they had any sense at all, it would put holy awe – holy terror – in their hearts. Enough to the small glories they had been living for, enough of the small-minded plans they had made for their lives, and enough of their lack of recognition of what they had been called to – Christ’s transfiguration was designed to be for them a moment of life-changing transformation. They were being rescued from early glory by true glory so that they could take this glory around the world to whoever would listen and hear. There were no thoughts of the petty concerns of life in his moment; no thoughts of personal dreams; no thoughts of personal power.
Here is what life is all about. At its center is a God of awesome glory – glorious in power, wisdom, faithfulness, love, and grace. Here is what everyone needs – rescue by this glory. Here is what everyone was created for – to live for this glory. Here is grace – that God would choose to splash his eternal glory down on inglorious, unthankful, rebellious, and self-oriented people such as us. The fact that Jesus revealed his glory to the disciples wasn’t based on the beauty of their character. No, the opposite was true; it was based on the glory of his character. He reveals his glory to us because if he doesn’t, there is simply no hope for us. Without this rescue we surrender our hearts to bondage, to a thick catalog of other glories. This moment is a moment of gorgeous grace, just the grace you and I need.

Paul Tripp

Read Mark 9:2-13. Do you frequently recognize and remember how Jesus is altogether better than and above all other things? How does your efforts in this area impact how well you do at “listening to him?”

Behold Our God by Sovereign Grace

Posted on: November 15, 2018 - 10:00PM

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