Mark 10:46-52 – The Faith of Those Who Know They Are Blind

Bartimeus was a distressed and humble suppliant for mercy—

He was both blind, and necessitated to subsist on the precarious bounty of those who might pass him on the highway. Who would have thought that God should suffer one, towards whom he had designs of love and mercy, to be reduced to so low a state? Yet such is his sovereign appointment in many instances; his own children are lying at the gate full of sores, while his enemies are faring sumptuously every day. Hearing that Jesus passed by, this blind man earnestly importuned his aid. He would not lose the opportunity which now occurred; nor cease from his cries till he had obtained his request. His language was expressive of an assured faith in Jesus the promised Messiah, at the very time that the rulers and Pharisees almost unanimously rejected him. Thus it is frequently found, that those things which are hid from the wise and prudent are revealed unto babes.

Afflictive as such a condition is, it affords a pleasant and hopeful prospect—

Distress of any kind cannot but be an object of commiseration; but none is so much to be deprecated as the blindness of the mind. The loss of eye-sight is no more worthy to be compared with this, than the body with the soul, or time with eternity. Miserable beyond description are they, the eyes of whose understanding have never yet been enlightened to behold the wonderful things of God’s law. But if we be sensible of our blindness; if we be calling upon Jesus as the appointed and all-sufficient Saviour, if we be persevering in prayer notwithstanding all our discouragements, and saying, “I will not let thee go except thou bless me,” we are surely in a hopeful state; we are not far from the kingdom of God.

Charles Simeon

Read Mark 10:46-52 and consider how Bartimaeus is a physical example which reveals our spiritual condition. Do you see the glorious Savior and are you beholding the only one capable of caring for all your needs? How then can you grow in taking hold of him by faith?

O God of Mercy, Hear Our Plea by Sovereign Grace

Posted on: January 24, 2019 - 10:00PM

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