Joshua 2 – A Faithful God Makes Faithful Promises

When we think of the book of Joshua, our first thoughts probably settle on the battles and conquests recorded throughout the book. Perhaps we think of the power of God seen in the miraculous crossing of the Jordan River and in the miraculous defeat of the city of Jericho. Perhaps we think of the sin of Achan and its effects on the entire nation in the first battle at Ai. Perhaps we think of the military strategy used in the final defeat of Ai and Beth-el. Perhaps we think of the mercy and forgiveness given to Rahab and her family in the midst of battle. Joshua contains these historical accounts, and we can learn much about the early history of the nation of Israel through them.
But the book of Joshua was not written for history’s sake alone. It is designed to teach us about more than simple historical events. It teaches us much about God and our relationship with Him. We see that in the power of God at Jericho or the mercy of God with Rahab. But if we consider the book of Joshua as a whole, one of the primary themes that rises to the top is faithfulness. Essentially, Joshua 1-21 proves God’s faithfulness to Israel. God had made great promises to Abraham and the nation of Israel over the past several centuries. God had promised them the land. He had promised to make them a great nation. He had promised to give them great blessings in the new land. Now He was fulfilling many of those promises. Through the various accounts of battles and other events, we ultimately see God fulfilling promises. God proves Himself faithful to His people over and over again. By the end of Joshua, any doubts that Israel may have had about God’s faithfulness should be fully squelched. God is faithful, and He has proven that faithfulness time after time.
The evidence of God’s faithfulness provides a great encouragement for the future. When we look ahead to the future, we can be overwhelmed or intimidated by the difficulties that we see. But the reminder of God’s faithfulness in the past should encourage us that God is faithful in the future. Malachi 3:6a says, “For I am the LORD, I change not.” God does not change, so if He has been faithful in the past, then He will be faithful in the future. So when we struggle with the unknowns of the future, we can rest in God’s faithfulness. The God who is big enough to part the Jordan River or defeat the city of Jericho is powerful enough to deal with our problems. If He has been faithful in the past to Israel (and us), then He will again be faithful to us in the future. So the reassurance of God’s faithfulness in the past can encourage us for the future.

Tim Feldman

Read Joshua 2 while reflecting on the faithfulness of God both in this chapter and in your own life. What encouragement do you draw from a proper understanding of God’s faithfulness? What difference does it make in the way you approach your life?

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Posted on: June 27, 2019 - 10:00PM

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