John 14:16-18 – The Presence of the Holy Spirit

“I have been one Paraclete,” said the Lord in effect; “but I am now going to plead your cause with the Father, that another Paraclete may take my place, to be my other self, and to abide with you for ever.” There is no adequate translation for the word Paraclete. It may be rendered Comforter, Helper, Advocate, Interpreter; but no one word suffices. The Greek simply means one whom you call to your side, in a battle, or a law-court, to assist you by word or act. Such a One is Christ; such a One is the Holy Spirit. He is a definite Person whom you can call to, and lean on, and work with. If a man were drowning, he would not call to the wandering breath of the wind; but to any person who might be on the bank. The Spirit is One whom you can summon to your side….
This is [now] specially the age of the Holy Spirit. He may be grieved, ignored, and rejected; but He will not cease his blessed ministry to the bride, till the Bridegroom comes to claim her for Himself. Oh, let us avail ourselves of his gracious presence to the utmost of our opportunity, that He may realise in us the full purpose of his ministry. Let us not pray for Him, as if in any degree He had been withdrawn, but as believing that He is as much with the Church of to-day as on the day of Pentecost; as near us as when awestruck eyes beheld Him settling in flame on each meekly-bowed head.
The Lord said, “He shall remain with you to the end of the age.” The age is not closed, therefore He must be with us here and now. There can be no waning of his grace or power. The pot of oil is in the Church, only she has ceased to bring her empty vessels. The mine is beneath our feet, but we do not work it as of yore. The electric current is vibrating around, but we have lost the art of switching ourselves on to its flow. It is not necessary then for us to pray the Father that He should give the Holy Paraclete in the sense in which He bestowed Him on the day of Pentecost in answer to the request of our Lord. That prayer has been answered: the Paraclete is here; but we need to have the eyes of our heart opened to perceive, and the hand of our faith strengthened that we may receive, Him.

F.B. Meyer

Read John 14:16-18 and consider that the blessed truth that the Holy Spirit, God himself, resides with every believer and that his full presence is with us every moment. What difference does it make to recognize and abide in the truth that God is in us and with us every moment, not in some abstract way, but in reality and in meaningful measure?

Living Hope by Shane & Shane

Posted on: November 14, 2019 - 10:22PM

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