Luke 1:26-38 – The Impossible Made Possible Through God

There are two tremendous areas in the Bible that are bitterly and constantly assailed. One of them is the inspiration of the Scriptures. The second storm of controversy concerns the virgin birth of Christ. It is denied vociferously and unmitigatingly and boldly by the whole critical world. We deny the virgin birth, we deny the incarnation of God, we deny the inspiration of the Scriptures, we deny it all; but with all of those denials, Jesus Christ is still there before us, towering above all mankind, unique and separate and apart. How do you account for Him? It’s easy to account for Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Shakespeare, Homer; it’s easy to account for any other man who ever lived in the human race. But how do you account for Jesus? Where did He come from? And what is He? The great unlike.
How do you account for the fact of Jesus Christ?  Well, there are attempts by these critical men world without end to explain Him and His virgin birth.  There are many who worship at the shrine of pseudoscience, and they feel called upon to give natural explanations for all of the supernatural that we read in the Bible. 
[But] the Bible unfolds in glory and beauty, in fulfillment, in salvation, when I accept its testimony. Who is this Jesus? He is the virgin born Son of God. He is God incarnate. He is God manifest in the flesh. Sent into the world, voluntarily came into the world, to make atonement for our sins, to die that we might be saved, raised from the dead for our justification, to declare us righteous to see to it that someday we make it to heaven, that we don’t fall by the way, and who is at the right hand of the great throne interceding for us, answering our prayers, encouraging us, and waiting for the day when the great mighty final interposition of God in human history comes, the denouement and climax of the age, when we see Him face to face. What a beautiful thing God has done for us!
Our Lord, we are just like those shepherds, and like the wise men; we just bow down. It’s a truth too great for us to comprehend. We’re not able to enter into the mystery of the marvelous grace of God who came down to live our life, to bear our sorrows, to share our sicknesses, to weep our tears, to die our death, and please God, in Him to be raised into life, and immortality, and glory, and heaven. What a gospel. It’s just too good to be true. Could such a thing actually be? O wonderful, wonderful Savior, we stand amazed in the presence of Jesus our Lord, loving Thee, bowing in worship before Thee.

W.A. Criswell

Read Luke 1:26-38 and consider the marvel of God made flesh and the impossible made possible through Christ. What difference does in make in your life and worship to be reminded of these truths this holiday season?

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Posted on: November 28, 2019 - 10:00PM

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