James 1:19-21 – Hearing and Receiving The Word of God

Ponder now, my soul! Are these oracles of God, these testimonies and testaments of Jesus Christ, my heritage, the word upon which he hath caused me to hope? Are they my divine charter for my everlasting life? Are they even now my food, and the rejoicing of my heart? Are they sweeter than honey to my taste, and more gladdening than great spoil? Are they my counselors, with whom I converse by day and by night, in the house, or on the way, when I lie down and when I rise up? Do I, in every deed, understand their delightful contents? Do I believe their exceeding great and precious promises? Do I, or can I, sing their new songs in the house of my pilgrimage? While I speak or write of them, are they to me a veiled, dead letter? Or, are they indeed the self-evidencing word of God – spirit and life – quick and powerful, piercing to the divining asunder of my joints and marrow? What passages have particularly affected my soul; and in what manner? What have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against God? What promises have I received, and held fast as my enriching bonds on the Bank of Jesus’ and his Father’s infinite grace? What have I laid up for cordials to my soul, in her departing moments? Dare not, my soul, to commence or continue a preacher of these divine truths, while I myself have no spiritual knowledge of their power. Alas! How shall I hold up my face at Jesus’ tribunal, if I wickedly take his covenant in my mouth, publishing it to others, before my own heart say of it: This is my salvation and all my desire.

Blush deep, O my soul, that I have so long enjoyed this Scripture glass, and turned my back to it; so little beheld Jesus and His salvation in it! That I have had in my house this treasure, this live coal of infinite, of redeeming love, and yet my heart so little moved or melted and inflamed by it! That I have so long has this table richly furnished with the flesh, the blood, nay, all the fullness of God, and yet have so scarcely tasted that the Lord is gracious. That I have so long had my hands full of this grace and truth; full of redemption through Jesus’ blood; full of a three-one God of infinite and everlasting excellency and love; and yet my heart still so empty. Let not me dare to proceed to the contemplation of His nature and works, till I believe His Word, and receive His unspeakable gift, that I may, on that ground, all along say of Him, My Lord and my God; my God and my All.

John Brown of Haddington

Read James 1:19-21. How does James move from verse 18 into this passage? What kind of heart posture is he encouraging when receiving the implanted word? Consider the passage above. How should the word of God affect you before you speak it or act upon it?

Speak O Lord by Keith & Kristyn Getty

Posted on: April 18, 2020 - 1:32PM

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