Zephaniah 1 – The Coming Day of the Lord

SUCH was the state of the Jews for a long time previous to the Babylonish captivity, that the prophets had little to do, but to denounce the judgments of God against them. The promises which they were inspired to utter had respect to a different and distant period, a period for the most part yet future; shadowed forth indeed by their deliverance from Babylon, but to be realized only by their future conversion to the faith of Christ. Nevertheless, the warnings given to them are of use to the Church of God in all ages. The Christian Church at this time is in a state not very dissimilar to that of the Jews in the land of Canaan. We are externally the chosen people of God: we enjoy the ordinances of religion in their purity: and we have all the means of grace richly afforded us. But we rest in external services, as they did; and have as little of real piety as the generality of that infatuated nation. Whilst we call ourselves the people of the Lord, we differ but little from the nations that know not God. We conform in many things to customs most repugnant to true religion; and in the spirit and habit of our minds, shew, that, whatever we may retain of “the form of godliness, we are strangers to its power.” The evils which God reproved amongst them, are to be found in no less degree amongst us also: and the judgments that were denounced against them shew what reason we also have to dread the displeasure of God.

Blessed be God, if any of you have been quickened from your death in trespasses and sins: and now beware, lest ye relapse again into your former state of atheistical lethargy. It is no uncommon thing for persons to run well for a season, and then turn back again; to “begin in the Spirit, and end in the flesh.” But to you also will I make my appeal: Is it “a vain thing to serve the Lord?” Will he not do good to those who seek him in sincerity and truth? Is he not, as he has said, ” the Rewarder of all such?” Does he not even now impart to the soul blessings that are of more value than ten thousand worlds? Does he not answer prayer? Does he not communicate to the soul a peace that passeth all understanding? Does he not lift up the light of his countenance on the poor and needy? Does he not shed abroad his love in the heart? Does he not give the witness of his Spirit to the soul, and seal it unto the day of redemption? On the other hand, does he not hide his face when you become remiss, and leave you to feel what “an evil and bitter thing it is to depart from him? “Yes: you can testify that there is a God that ruleth in the earth; you can testify how rich his grace is, and how abundant his mercy in the Son of his love. You can testify that Christ “reveals himself to his people as he does not unto the world;” and that he dwells in them, and gives them, by the manifestations of his love, an earnest and a foretaste of their future inheritance. Go on, then, living by faith upon him, and cleaving unto him with full purpose of heart; and shew to all around you what the Christian life is. Run, as in a race, for an incorruptible crown: wrestle as one that is striving against all the principalities and powers of hell: and fight manfully till all your enemies are put under your feet. So shall you be living witnesses for God in this world, and partakers of all his blessedness in the world to come.
Charles Simeon

Read Zephaniah 1 and consider how you may have grown complacent to the coming Day of the Lord. In what ways might repentance be necessary? How can you continue to grow in how each day looks as you look towards that Day?

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Posted on: October 30, 2020 - 12:00PM

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